Winning projects 2022

Business Environment

Resita Municipality

Tram Trains Resita – UNITH2B SRL

The project aims to create in Resita city a multimodal infrastructure with 2 intermodal terminals, one for Trams and one for Buses as well a Garage Building for 10 electric buses, develop facilities for public transport, create an attractive and efficient public passenger transport with traffic management, including video monitoring systems and intelligent transport systems, digitization.

Civil Society


Berzei 21

GIS Berzei 21) has triggered an informal consortium of public-private stakeholders, with common mission and values, dedicated to the urban transformation of a historical unused large industrial asset in Bucharest, owned by the city municipality and located in the heart of the city, into a mixed-use center for cultural and strategic creative functions.

The project is defined as the city’s creative center, as urban commons; mixed-use socio-cultural and economic infrastructure for the neighborhood, the city and the region; touristic attractor for the city and differentiator for the city brand; sustainable through adaptive reuse of the industrial heritage

and the efficient use of all-kind of resources, qualitative public spaces and participative implementation and governance.

Public Administration

Bucharest Municipality of District 6

Liniei – Bucharest Municipality of District 6

This project aims to develop a neglected industrial area from Sector 6, an abandoned railway line, where the spontaneous vegetation and the accelerated real estate developments are only some of the challenges that this area poses. Liniei Street is a potential axis of development.It is a sustainable approach to development by creating a linear park that accompanies the railway line forming a green axis of entry to the city on the west-east direction. The main objectives of the project are to facilitate non-motorized mobility, increase the safety, improve the urban image as well as ameliorate the effects of physical and noise pollution. It contributes to climate change mitigation and adaptation as the implementation of the proposed measures will reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the shift from car use to walking or the use of alternative means of transport. The Project community has gathered over 20,000 people in 2 months. In total around 4000 people who live, work or transit the targeted area have actively participated in this project.

 AHK Romania | German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry | Calea Grivitei 82-98 et. 1, Building The Mark, Corp The Podium, 010736 Bucuresti