Cities of Tomorrow #9


HYBRID EVENT | 13 - 16 September 2021

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Public Administration Projects

Abrud Municipality

Educating the local community for selective collection and environmental protection

Acquisition, packaging and recovery of automatic devices for selective collection of recyclable waste. The waste collected at the smart stations is compacted and sorted to easily taken over by collection companies.

In partnership with volunteers from the ECOABRUD Association, we carry out awareness and education campaigns for the population for the selective collection of recyclable waste. The sanitation service selectively collects waste but we encounter problems with waste recycling.

ADI pentru Transport Public București Ilfov

Urban light and heavy railway transport development

Development of a coherent investment plan for urban light and heavy railway transport, which would help Bucharest-Ilfov Region to reach the goals and objectives of European Green Deal, Urban Agenda and Romanian decentralization strategy. Taking into consideration the extent of the railway network in the Bucharest Node, the implementation of urban and metropolitan services will be undertaken in stages, based upon an investment plan and a clear scheduling, coordinated with major national rail investments and with major urban mobility investments, as well. This investment plan will be built upon a revision of the action plan within the existing SUMP 2016-2030 and Romanian MPGT 2016, supported as well by additional analysis in relation to climate proofing of investment, social and urban analysis, other relevant environmental aspects.

Build / upgrade railway stations as public transport hubs developed based on the principles of intelligent urbanism, as well as of an operational manual for urban light and heavy railway services to support implementation of policies in accessibility, gender equity, social integration areas. 

Alba Iulia Municipality

Improving energy efficiency in social apartments through intelligent monitoring solutions

The pilot action “Improving energy efficiency in social apartments through intelligent monitoring solutions” was implemented within the SOCIAL GREEN project, financed through Interreg Europe Program. The Action foresaw the increasing of energy efficiency at the level of social housing in Alba Iulia municipality through the installing of smart home equipment at 10 social apartments in the city. The equipment installed enabled the tenants to have a better control of their energy usage and to reduce their consumption con-siderably while at the same time changing their behavior towards a more responsible one with regard to energy usage. The pilot had a few challenges especially related to the Covid-19 impact, however the results were more than promising. Last but not the least, the pilot action became a good practice example for Alba Iulia municipality and at national level. 

Arad Municipality

Efficient strategic planning and implementation of e-solutions to decrease bureaucracy within the City Hall of Arad

Arad has recently embarked on an ambitious transformation by setting up an IT system to simplify its administrative procedures and facilitate services between the City and its citizens, under an EU funded project Efficient strategic planning and implementation of e-solutions to decrease bureaucracy within the City Hall of Arad” A new integrated platform (e-portal) that will allow the City Hall to carry out e-services and streamline the workflow within the institution is under development. The updated system includes a better document management system, an e-archive, and training for public servants to adapt quickly.

This next step in becoming a digital city will allow citizens and employees to work smarter, with fewer paper trails, and more digital interactions that are easy to use for all parties involved and more.

Along with updating important strategic documents, it is a first step in fulfilling Arad’s Digital Transformation Strategy and aligning the City with European principles. 

Buzău Municipality

Green City

Buzau aims to become a GREEN CITY, a goal also highlighted by the Strategy of circular economy and elimination of pollution of the Municipality established for 2020-2030, in accordance with the Euro-pean Green Deal . The strategy for a GREEN CITY is also determined by the climatic changes and by the meteorological phenomena mani-fested in recent years: heavy rains, impoverishment of the groundwater, the occurrence of desertification by periods of severe drought, accentu-ated in the Buzău area due to geographical position. 

Measures: the increase of the green areas from 310 ha to 530 ha, resulting in an area of 40 sqm / inhabitant almost double compared to the minimum green area of 26 sqm / inhabitant, established as a legal obligation of the local public authorities as well as creating the largest park forest in Romania in an area of 187 ha. Increase water surfaces (lakes) from 27.1 ha to 33 ha. Both directions being carried out through 10 complementary projects in different stage of implementation. 

District 6 of Bucharest Muncipality

nZEB educational units and deep retrofit measures

In 2017 District 6 started the preparation of the pilot project for the construction of 8 educational units according to nZEB principle. The project of deep retrofit of 12 public schools/ kindergartens received ELENA assistance in February 2018 and is currently ongoing. This project aims to implement solutions for the construction of buildings characterized by energy consumption for heating / cooling, mechanical ventilation, hot water preparation and lighting, nZEB type buildings, renewable resources covering at least 30% of the total calculated primary energy of buildings related to energy performance, mainly in the form of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels.

For 5 units under Deep retrofit component, the works started in July 2020, and will be completed at the latest in the summer of 2021. The 8 nZEB buildings included in the program have all the procurement procedures completed, being issued the order to start the works in December 2020. The execution term is 24 months, which leads to the completion of the works in 2023. Initially estimated results: total annual renewable energy generation: 218 MWhel and 476 MWhth; total annual savings for a final energy consumption of: 5.3 GWh; total annual emission reductions of: 1,370 t CO2 eq.

Iași Municipality

Innovative green city

The Iași Municipality has qualified in the competition of the EC, Intelligent Cities Challenge, within which the strategy of transformation into an innovative and green city is being developed. The main directions followed are: Green mobility, Increasing green spaces, Monitoring air quality parameters and displaying them in a dedicated application (Green City Map), Intelligent lighting, Integrated waste management. The technologies used are IoT and dedicated applications for collecting, processing, and distributing the information collected. The main goal is to increase the quality of life of the citizens of Iași Municipality. Each project is in different stages of implementation, at this time, some are being completed (parking, traffic, green map, waste management). 

Siret Municipality

“East European Border” Science and Technology Park Siret

The Town Administration in partnership with “Ștefan cel Mare” University Suceava, Industrial Park East European Border S.R.L. and Suceava County implements between 24.12.2020 – 31.12.2023 the project “Establishment of EEB Science and Technology Park” Siret, funded by ROP 2014 – 2020. The addressed areas are: Industry 4.0, Smart City and Smart Tourism.

The science park aims to interconnect the academic environ-ment with the business environment in order to boost innovation and technology transfer activities. The activities within the park will be relevant for the following areas: Energy efficiency and responsible use of resources, Digitization of tourist activities and tourist desti-nations, Digitization of cities. 

Vâlcea County Council

Increasing the energy efficiency of the district heating system in Râmnicu Vâlcea

CET Govora S.A. (Electric and District Heating Plant) is the operator of the district heating service in the municipality of Râmnicu Vâlcea, providing hot water and heating to the population, institutions and economic agents. The Vâlcea County Council, who owns CET Govora S.A., undertook the rehabilitation of the distribution network, obtaining funding from Large Infrastructure OP 2014-2021. The objective of the project is to rehabilitate 6.5 km of pipes and over 40 km of pipes of the secondary network, leading to a reduction of losses in the district heating network, and, implicitly, to an increase of energy efficiency in the heating system. The project is under implementation, all 4 works contracts being under execution. The direct beneficiary of the project is CET Govora S.A., and the indirect beneficiaries are 92,573 people/ 27,890 households and 107 non-household consumers. In addition to providing the service at an affordable cost, the beneficiaries did not have to bear the costs of designing, authorizing, installing and operating individual heating plants.

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