Cities of Tomorrow #9

HYBRID EVENT | 13 - 16 September 2021

Public Administration Projects

ADI Ecolect Group Bihor


The project aims an online database platform, which will contain:  a WASTEBOOK guide for selecting waste, with a database of waste types + description & a WASTEPAGE for searching centers and collection points for recyclable, dangerous, medical, clothing, electronic, construction or other waste. WASTEHUNTER– location of abandoned waste found in public places. In the app the citizen can take pictures & send to the app’s database. The project is in early stage of implementation, in need of funding.

North-East Regional Development Agency

Let’s MOBIL…ize! Sustainable urban mobility for our employees

The project, driven by the motto: “Stop being stuck in traffic! The change starts with you!”, aims to redefine the mobility of North-East RDA’s employees, in order to contribute to the air quality improvement & create a cleaner environment for all the inhabitants of the city in which we live – Piatra Neamt. In partnership with the Aburra Valley Metropolitan Area of, within the International Urban Cooperation Program funded by the EU Commission, it was decided the initiation of pilot projects, based on already implemented projects in the partner region, where companies with over 200 employees are encouraged & supported to create their own mobility plans, so that their combined actions would increase the quality of life throughout the area.

Somes Water Company

Satellite Assisted Water Network Leak Detection Programme

Somes Water Company aims to offer a long term solution to reduce water loss & to prevent further works with impact on the City’s everyday life. They have a complex program and in 2019 was decided to implement a pilot high-tech satellite assisted water network leak detection program by employing radar and GIS mapping assistance. The pilot project unfolded in Cluj-Napoca Municipality and resulted in 182 maps indicating possible hidden underground public water network leaks.

Iasi County Council

Rehabilitation & Modernisation of St. Maria Children’s Hospital

The project Rehabilitation and Modernisation of St. Maria Children’s Clinical Emergency Hospital aims the increase the energetic efficiency of the building, in order to a better managing – electricity consumption savings and to offer as well the patients and employees safety and comfort. The project envisages thermic rehabilitation of the building’s envelope, installing a ventilated facade, modern heating system also by installing an alternative solar panels system for producing heating, water and sewage system, replacing the old electricity devices and endowing the building with smart energy integrated management systems. The project is in the implementation period, and will end at the beginning of 2023.

Ilfov County Council

Măgurele Science Park

Magurele Science Park is a science&technology park meant to fill the gap between science&business environment. Will bring together investors, innovative entrepreneurs&researchers for capitalization of ELI-NP project and of the research institutes in the adjacent area of the park. Magurele Science Park project aims to be a pillar for vertical and horizontal economic growth not only in Magurele area, but within all Bucharest-Ilfov Region, to take part in the consolidation of the national system of innovative entrepreneurship, attracting and supporting talented people with the purpose of stopping the phenomenon of brain-drain that takes place in Romania. Project in design phase.


Kindergartens in the family with an educational programme for energy saving

The present project proposes for the Bucharest and its district (Sector) municipalities a mixed solution for setting up public kindergartens. It involves partnerships with private families to provide their home and their yard in order to develop a “kindergarten in family” educational model.

Motru City Hall

Sustainable urban mobility in Motru

The project “Sustainable urban mobility in Motru Municipality” aims to create an efficient, environmentally friendly and modern transport system that will provide coverage at urban level, will reduce CO2 emissions, and will improve accessibility of environmentally friendly transport modes. Is a complex project in which interventions are carried out on all components of transport system. By implementing the project, all 22000 inhabitants, distributed in the urban area and in eight component localities, will benefit of an accessible, ecological and efficient public transport system.

Alba Iulia Municipality

Alba Iulia Smart City

Alba Iulia Smart City is a project meant to transform Alba Iulia Municipality into the first city in Romania where integrated smart city solutions are being implemented at a large scale. Alba Iulia Smart City started as a pilot project, by testing over 100 smart solutions with the occasion of celebrating 100 years of the unification of Romania which took place in our city in 1918. The effective integration of physical, digital and human systems in Smart City projects has been shown to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance the quality of life, delivering a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for citizens.

Alba Iulia Municipality

Find Your Greatness

Find your Greatness is a project funded by the European Union under the European Interregional Cooperation Program in which the City Hall of Alba Iulia is, during the first phase of the project, the Leading Partner of the transnational consortium consisting of Braganca (Portugal), Perugia (Italy), Voru (Estonia), Wroclaw (Poland), Teguise (Spain), Limerick (Ireland) and Budafok (Hungary). Alba Iulia will share its experience with partner cities in the consortium and will look for ways to adapt the model of the city branding to other cities according to their profile and needs.

Alexandria Municipality

Urban mobility plans for reducing carbon emissions

Improving the accessibility of both locals & tourists in the city center of Municipality of Alexandria with the help of the underground road passages. Reconfiguring the subterranean spaces thus improving the quality of the public space. Reducing traffic congestion to the surface and supporting both locals and visitors by providing parking in the area. This is achievable, by using an underground parking for the underground passage, thus clearing up a significant number of square meters of the above- ground space, usually occupied by vehicles. The project is part of the general context of sustainable development, economic & social.

Buzau Municipality

Kaizen Management in Buzau City Hall

The project consists in the improvement of the processes in the town hall so that the response time can be shortened. By implementing Kaizen management in Buzau City Hall, there was a great time savings for the citizens of the city, so the provision of higher quality services was made possible.

Iasi Municipality

Iasi Green City

Reducing CO2 emissions: purchase of modern sanitation cars, installations and equipment (49 Euro 6, non-polluting auto compactors; automakers for reducing PM10 &PM2.5; Spray equipment for water vapors; system which enables each citizen to order dust suction, sprinkling & street washing in Iasi; above-ground platforms with card access, control system & video surveillance; Bagster® implementation; «Adopt a street!» local community involvement in the city cleanliness; over 1000 volunteers for the greening of areas exposed to uncontrolled storage of waste; Municipal Collecting Center + Info Point for young people.

Iasi Municipality

Oasis of Greenery In Our Neighborhood

The purpose of the project is to ensure and improve environmental factors and living conditions in the urban environment, contributing to the beautification of the urban aspect of Iasi by transforming severely deteriorated 5 in recreational areas with facilities for children and adults thus contributing to the reduction of air pollution and noise. The project will be carried out with European funds, total value of the investment about 1.8M €.

Iasi Municipality

Smart City Iasi improving sanitation services

Implementation of intelligent solutions and innovative tools for organization, monitoring and optimization of the sanitation activity in Iasi – Smart City amongst APPS for citizens, RFID, GPS and video systems for monitoring waste quantities, level of filling, collection points and sanitation machines and of the working personnel.

Iasi Municipality

Smart City Iasi Public Transport

Increasing the attractiveness and use of local public transport by offering high-quality services, with new means of transport and related services, respecting environmental conditions and identifying smart, sustainable transport and payment services; real-time location of each means of public transport, video surveillance, information panels, smartphone apps for transport payment (24pay for Android & iOS). Low carbon public transport; Smart management of the fleet combined with passenger counting; Smart payment; free WiFi; GPS & internet; devices that measure and transmit in real-time PM2.5, PM10, NOx, CO2, temperature values etc.

Ramnicu Valcea Municipality

Spatial Reorganization & Refurbishment of the city center

The project promotes citizens’ access to a less polluted town and more recreation services in the central part of the city & took into consideration the increase in the number of tourists/year through the refurbishment of the central zone of the city. Final results of the project: new green areas; new urban street furniture in the city center; new recreation zones with playgrounds; refurbishment of a highly circulated area into a pedestrian promenade; refurbishment of 17K sqm public space; new underground pedestrian passage; new underground parking. Number of new jobs created: 50.

Slobozia City Hall

Multifunctional Center in Bora for the local Roma Community

A sensitive problem of Municipality of Slobozia is the high level of poverty and segregation among the Roma community, which represents about 10% of the population of Slobozia. Its members do not have professional qualifications. Most families live on occasional work & social assistance. Accessing the “Program of Priority Interventions” financed by the Government of Romania we managed to establish, in 2012, The Multifunctional Center in Bora. The activity of this center had a major impact on the integration of the members of the Roma community in Slobozia. The educational gap between the minority & the majority population, including gender differences, has been reduced.

Vaslui Municipality

Rehabilitation & Destination Change of Former Power Plant Buildings

Former neighbourhood power plants that were heating communist flats remained without their main utility, since the centralized heating system has become technically outdated. Most users gave up on this service & chose individual heating systems. From 27 heating power plants, only 2 are still working. The other non-functional buildings were presenting a high risk for the health and safety of citizens. Vaslui Municipality started a complex process of rehabilitation and destination change in collaboration with Vaslui Local Council. The following objectives were realised: two day care centres for elderly, a day care centre for schoolchildren, a cultural centre, a club for retired persons & a „Friendship” club.

Municipality of Sibiu

Rehabilitation of Sibiu’s City Centre

The Municipality of Sibiu initiated in 2014 a very ample project aiming to enhance the quality of life in the old city neighborhoods. Until now, 10 areas in the old city neighborhoods have been rehabilitated, one is currently undergoing works and 4 others are in tendering procedures. The project has the following components for each neighborhood: rehabilitation of infrastructure, upgrading and extending green areas, public lighting with environmentally-friendly systems, educational infrastructure, increasing energy efficiency, creating leisure time infrastructure, upgrading public transportation and optimizing routes, extending bike tracks & overall digitalization of municipality services, enhancing the quality of interaction with citizens.

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