Cities of Tomorrow #9

HYBRID EVENT | 13 - 16 September 2021

Civil Society Projects

ARCEN Association

Catalog Bucuresti / Bucharest Catalogue

Catalog Bucuresti’s focus is to collect&digitize data for all buildings found in Bucharest’s 98 protected built areas and find tailored solutions. From publishing complex data for each building&statistical information online (free use of stakeholders) to the education of the communities by distributing booklets about good maintenance practices for protected areas & access to an online guide regarding the legislation of maintaining built areas and historical monuments. Since 2017 over 7000 buildings have been published in an online map.

Association for the founding and support of the German school in Bucharest

German School Campus

Currently under construction, the buildings’ layout on the site is meant to create a Plaza that is easily accessible from all directions. The project aims to prove that it is possible to have a healthy living in energy-efficient and sustainable buildings that are attractive and affordable at the same time. The project’s design is contemporary, uniform and non-intrusive to the environment. All the educational spaces are subordinated to the green exterior spaces and skillfully designed in a form of a continuous special loop, with playgrounds around it. The project strives to become a manifesto for contemporary sustainable architecture, especially designed to meet educational, urban&economic needs.

Laboratorul Verde Association

C&D Waste Management Platforms

The main idea of this project is to develop an online inventory and traceability system of materials derived from Construction and Demolition (C&D) projects. The advantage of this platform is the inventory of the substances used during the construction projects and that it addresses not only to big construction companies, but also to natural persons, who mostly, take the illegal way of dumping the building materials in public areas. This C&D platform is part of the solution to the big issue of the Romanian C&D waste management.

Solar Decatlon Association

Scalable Residential Ensemble

The aim of this proposal is to anticipate the outcome of a seismic disaster with a strategic solution. The most significant problem that arises is the lack of housing units to temporarily relocate the families in need. To solve this issue, we need the fastest, cost-effective solution. An affordable and scalable residential ensemble that adapts to various urban scenarios can be the solution. Using modular units and plug and play principles it can be assembled and disassembled quickly while keeping the cost to a minimum due to the prefabrication process.

Planeta Petrila Association

Post-industrial Regeneration

Planeta Petrila represents a bottom-up post-mining regeneration project that changes the attitude towards the modern industrial heritage as an essential resource for the regeneration of monoindustrial areas. Petrila project is nowadays in its 8th year, with significant results: keeping the Petrila Mine buildings in place, listing them as National Heritage Cathegory A and transforming the industrial site in the most important contemporary artistic setting and the most visited place in town. Next steps include the establishment of an IT/robotics hub in Petrila, followed by the recognition of representative characteristics of the industrial heritage in entire Jiu Valley, transforming the former mines sites into mixed use (history+culture+technology+ bussines) regenerated centers.

Planeta Petrila Association

Robotics Valleyus

As high school students, we are told by parents and teachers that we need to find a purpose in life outside the Jiu Valley, because our area is in decline. However, we see great potential and focus on what we started in 2017: to bring robotics to Jiului Valley, to teach other colleagues in the area and to focus our activities in an IT+robotics hub. The starting point is the Petrila mine, from where the hub will have satellites in all the cities of the Valley. The hub will support IT start-ups that will expand and transform Jiu Valley into the Robotics Valleys.

Recicleta - ViitorPlus


RECICLETA is a green and social enterprise, launched 10 years ago & provides a specialized collection service for recyclable materials, using especially cargo-trikes, creating green jobs and saving small and medium size quantities of recyclable materials from the land-field, natural areas or incinerators. Just in 2019, we managed to stop being emitted into the atmosphere, over 550.000 kilograms of CO2, by using a clean alternative transport & collecting for recycling.

Romania Green Building Council

European Energy Award (EEA)

Since 2008 Romania Green Building Council – RoGBC is involved in promoting Green buildings in Romania & in 2016 won the implementation of European Energy Award – EEA for the cities from Romania. From Romania there are more than 20 cities involved, with a first label ‘Comunitate Sustenabila’ to be awarded to Vama Buzaului and in the year to come, Iasi. The main idea is to connect ambitious and verified sustainability progress for Romanian cities through EEA in the context of a New Green Deal, by comparing with others European cities through the use of smart technologies and H2020 projects.

Slow Travel Romania Association

Sustainable Tourism

Slow Travel Romania is a NGO founded with the purpose of contributing at the sustainable development of Romanian tourism and at the protection of the environment. The aim is to promote the region in which we live, raise our children, work and travel – Neamț County. We joined forces (representants of NGOs, public authorities and private companies) and decided to create a long term development strategy for improving and boosting the touristic sector.

AHK Romania | German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry | Calea Grivitei 82-98 et. 1, Building The Mark, Corp The Podium, 010736 Bucuresti