Cities of Tomorrow #9


HYBRID EVENT | 13 - 16 September 2021

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Civil Society Projects

Centrul de cercetare, inovare și promovare a lemnului SILVANIA
SILVANIA Standard Carbon Footprint Management System

We have developed a project called SILVANIA Standard Carbon Footprint Management System – an integrated support approach to carbon footprint management (CFM) that provides the necessary knowledge, tools and methods required to help better manage and verify GHG emissions across business, products or specific projects – like a whole city or county.

We can verify that emission sources, data, calculations and results pertaining to a product life cycle assessment, operation, supply chain, city or calculation tool comply with globally recognized standards and methods or even portions of our own standard.

Additionally, we can help you determine which verification criteria is relevant for your custom scope ahead of the evaluation. 

Developing solar houses prototypes for educational and research purposes

Since 2013 EFdeN has been helping students and young professionals find a sense of direction while providing an environment to apply their creative energy through a trial and error process. We have attempted to be at the forefront of everything related to sustainability, from law & policymaking to education and development of our cities.

What started as a singular project 8 years ago for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition, is now the only NGO in Romania to develop solar houses prototypes for educational and research purposes, along with sustainable products and educational modules.

After winning 4 awards in the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 competition, EFdeN developed EFdeN Sustainable City in Bucharest to put forward all our previous projects. Now, as finalists in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021 competition, it has begun another race against the clock to design, build, test, transport, exhibit and fund an innovative solar house entirely developed by students.

Cycling for a Noble Cause

Our concept is a platform (website & mobile app) for a community of donors which entails using cycling to generate funds for local projects, i.e. the miles pedaled are turned into donations for community causes. Fundraising sports events (marathons, swimathons, bikeathons) are essential for organizations fighting for different community causes for two reasons – they can provide visibility for these projects and mobilize significant financial resources for their implementation. The aim of this project we are proposing is to build a donation platform that successfully combines the following elements: organizations / community causes that need funding, people who cycle to work or ride their bikes for physical exercise / recreation, companies who want to donate, and encourage employees to exercise more. The project will preserve the current elements of fundraising events, which raise donations for a number of projects within a limited amount of time (events – bikeathons), but it will also offer the flexibility needed to constantly start new campaigns by organizations/companies, while at the same time integrating people’s daily physical activity in the process of fundraising. The money an organization chooses to donate does not go automatically to a project’s fund. The amount of money donated is conditioned by the mileage recorded by the cyclists supporting that particular cause. The platform can be designed in such a way as to include other forms of physical exercise, e.g. walking, running, or swimming, for the purpose of widening the range of users.

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