Cities of Tomorrow #9

HYBRID EVENT | 13 - 16 September 2021

Business Environment Projects

ACV Comunitate


We tackle the lack of knowledge and the necessity for a rational use of local resources with an instrument that recognizes standard development patterns through artificial intelligence & compares the current situation of the urban area with a standard model. This way, a functional urban area can replace incoherent territorial development and become more attractive to investors & tourists & more inclusive towards citizens. We are now developing the platform based on the experience we had in planning the economy for over 26 general urban plans, information gathered online & from local Jiu Valley administrations.



Intelligent cities and car parks have become a reality and a necessity. is an application which acts as a parking valet or Airbnb for parking, optimizing the automated access into private parking, controlling who enters/exits & managing VIP parking for special customers. It is ideal for communities, airports, retail, offices &HORECA. To use the 2park application, the parking owners have to register the parking into the 2park system and set the schedule, price and available spots. They have access to data and receive monthly the money in their bank account.


Avalon Estate

Avalon Estate is a mixed project with a longer term development strategy & an emphasis on community life. The ensemble aims to build a mixed community where the types of housing vary from apartments to townhouses. The residential component is complemented by a series of common indoor and outdoor spaces. All internal roads and sidewalks have been designed to facilitate pedestrian traffic and encourage walking, roller skating, skate boarding, etc.


ISHO A – Timisoara Housing

ISHO A is a project for a 20-storey tower in Timisoara, near the Bega River. It will be completed in 2020.The building is part of a mixed-use urban complex – ISHO – meant to revitalize the former ILSA industrial platform and create connections between different areas of the city. The project will redefine the entire Take Ionescu – Baader area by constructing a neighborhood that will contain residential buildings, offices, hotels, sports services, restaurants and playgrounds.

ACV Comunitate

Distributed Charging Stations

Civilization was developed around mobility and made it possible to trade goods and commodities around the globe. In the 21st century we face a mobility problem that’s adding greenhouse gases to our atmosphere more than our industries produced in the first industrial revolution. The challenge is to bring the newest & greenest technologies by creating a network of distributed charging stations & app, to give everyone the chance to build the infrastructure of tomorrow by participating with their own charging station & be connected through the app making it available for everyone to benefit from Internet Of Things.

AriaConcept Architecture

Urban Regeneration Kit

A first-aid KIT for the public space is necessary, and we tried to develop the base that encompasses the minimum required tools and vision to create a better future for our city. As citizens of Constanta, seeing these urban spaces from a planning professional’s viewpoint, we found a series of deconstructed pieces that are in dire need of a singular & cohesive direction towards unity & clarity. Laying the ground rules for future urban interventions, by considering the built environment, making use of reusable resources and preparing the space for new interventions are a few of the main scopes of our work.


Reuse of Construction Waste

Our company has an experience of 22 years of activity on the market. Starting with 2019 our management decided that it’s a must to become a green company, so in this direction we started all the certification for take all the construction rests and transform them in construction materials for infrastructure area.

Beia Consult


CitiSim is an International R&D Project involving industrial Partners and Universities from several European consortiums in the business of Smart Cities. It provides a Platform that offers valuable information on multiple urban dimensions, picked up by sensors.The Environmental Motion Assistant was developed as a service that should help users have a clear understanding of the surrounding environment. By using E.M.A as a Smart Mobility Service, environmental and motion parameters are continuously measured & stored for any user, offering visualizations through a mobile & a web app.

Beia Consult


The ESTABLISH platform will enable the users to go from monitoring the indoor and outdoor environment and traffic to managing the environmental conditions on a personal level and thus improving the quality of life, reducing health costs, and supporting vulnerable groups such as the elderly or patients. The environmental conditions can be managed geographically, on a district or city level, by aggregating the personal data. The technological developments in ESTABLISH lead to a wide range of new services and products, based on various IoT devices such as environmental sensors.


Aushopping Satu Mare – City Urbanhood

Following the successful remodelling of Auchan Satu Mare Shopping Center in 2016, Ceetrus decided to continue reinforcing its positive impact in the city with a mixed use development comprising a new strip mall and a residential component. The project is contributing to the city & community from several perspectives connected to wellbeing and economical development: job creation, diversity in the commercial offering, increase in life quality and city attractiveness, more opportunities for people to meet and socialize, a place that encourages diversity and unity regardless of people’s origin.


Cartier Coresi

The largest urban regeneration project in Romania: a 10year long project & the first mixed-use neighborhood in the country, integrating functionalities which respond to citizens expectations. Project characteristics: A living example of intelligent urbanization. An impressive number of relaxation areas and green places. A qualitative place to live. Numerous outdoor & indoor meeting and relaxation areas. A dedicated community place for neighbors. A project nurturing partnerships & regular community events. A business community. Job creation: 10.000 permanent jobs, 2.000 temporary jobs. Total investment in the city around 250M EUR.


Coresi Business Campus

With a total development potential of 100.000 sqm, Coresi Business Campus was born after the successful reconversion of the industrial spaces belonging to the former Tractorul platform. The new business campus philosophy is improving the overall well being & quality of life/work for the 7000 people working there. Services include: outdoor relaxation and working areas, sports playgrounds, bike sharing service, clinic, coffee places, drop & go delivery area, canteen. From a B2B perspective the project is innovative as it brings forward two services to tenants, Fleximplicity and 24/7 Customer Care.

Electrogrup SA

Ghimbav Airport Runway design & execution

Electrogrup is to carry out the design & execution for the marking & arrangement of the runway for the Ghimbav, Brasov Airport. For this challenge, Electrogrup will use technology from ADB Safegate, one of the most important producers in the world. The development of the Brasov International Airport is the first major project in the region & opens a series of major contributions to the industry. The signing of the contract, worth 13.7 million euros, represents an extremely important step and investment for the county of Brasov and for the whole area.



Beauty and Medical industry experience a loss of 7% till 9% percent from their income due to not fulfilled appointments. This happens because customers forget about appointments & they don’t have an easy & indirect way to cancel their appointments. Solution: CityBpm offers an automated solution by sending automated SMS messages to remind about appointments, allowing customers to reply for confirmation & cancelation. Impact: Customers noticed the decrease of not fulfilled appointments, close to 1% (from 140000), companies save time, fidelize customers & reduce stationery costs.

Energy Co-Op

Energy Co-Op

“Cooperativa de Energie” is the first energy cooperative in Romania & aims to be the first green-energy initiative that puts the cititzen first in the new decentralized, decarbonized & democratic way the energy business is viewed by the EU. It has been set-up by 15 founding members in 2019, has over 200 members & will supply only green energy to its members in a transparent manner. The cooperative-model empowers its members to make larger scale investments in renewable energy, paving the way towards a cleaner future energy production. Members will be able to make an investment for a defined period of time & in return receive an annual interest rate.

Cordia Romania

Parcului 20

Parcului20 is among the first smart residential projects in Romania, all of its 469 apartments being equipped with integrated state-of-the-art smart home systems and floor heating. Over 3,000 square meters of private garden, charging stations for electric vehicles, bicycle parking spaces, yoga garden and outdoor equipment for calisthenics are amongst the main differentiators, as the project is designed for livability and energy efficiency. Parcului20 is contributing to Expoziției’s urban development, as the area was dominated, until now, by office buildings.

Great People Inside SRL

The Great People Inside Conference

The Great People Inside Conference has been taking place in Brașov, Romania for the last sixteen years. The conferences have thrived on bringing together specialists, practitioners & leaders in order to present & discuss strategies, techniques & ideas that they have encountered. In an effort to align ourselves with the green commitments made around the world, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by going 100% digital with our presentations, promotional materials etc. Each edition has its own dedicated CSR moment, with numerous social services NGOs taking the stage to tell their unique story.

Enayati Medical City

Enayati Medical City

Enayati Medical City will create an ecosystem for the medical elite offering integrated oncology and senior living and care. The hospital diagnosis components & treatment – chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy & nuclear medicine. Enayati Senior will provide all levels of accommodations & care for seniors: independent and assisted living, nursing, memory care and palliative care. The Hospital will also include a DaVinci Xi surgery robot. We aim to set standards in oncology care & change the mindset about senior living & care. The project is on time & scheduled to open at the beginning of 2021.

fastPark SRL


fastPark won the public tender for the provision of an integrated system for issuing parking tickets in Buzau. Within the project, 8 solar powered parking meters will be installed, commissioned, monitored & controlled through an administration system. The objective is to promote sustainable urban mobility & increase the quality of life for Buzau’s citizens. The system will ensure the centralized management of the public parking spaces with payment, the monitoring of the occupancy status of these spaces & enforcing the rules of the regular parking & will also show statistics on the degree of occupancy of paid parking places.



There is always something in the house that needs to be fixed. So we developed Feexers, the Uber for home services, an app that connects homeowners with home-service pros. It allows people with a smartphone to post a job request, the app then sends job request notifications to registered pros, who have the option to bid for that job. The user can choose a pro based on price, rating, experience and reviews. All payments are securely managed by Feexers through the app. We tackle a’black market’ and we want to whiten it. We already had first round of half million EUR and we launched the app in Bucharest in October last year.


Heritage Real Estate Property Reuse

Proper is a 2020 founded start-up for heritage real estate property reuse, integrating preservation and refurbishing methodologies with smart retrofit solutions for anyone who owns a property & wants to improve their building & living conditions. We have over 30.000 listed historical properties but only a few licensed architects to regenerate them. Proper is developing a network of partners & providers for both best practice adaptive reuse techniques to maintain the authenticity of the building, as well as data-driven solutions to optimize the reuse and adaptation of heritage buildings.

Kema Tronic

Management of Sewage Sludge

This project proposes a circular economy approach for the management of the sewage sludge produced by several wwtps in Maramures county, Romania. Sludge is collected & transported to Baia Mare wastewater treatment plant, where it undergoes a treatment designed to extract the maximum of energy & minimize the final quantity for disposal in an environmentally safe way. The Feasibility Study for this project has been approved by the local authority. Results include the reduction of sludge viscosity & quantity of sludge & the increase of biogas production.

Life is Hard SA

CityHealth Platform

The Smart City platform CityHealth enables a direct and transparent interaction between local governments & citizens. Through a dedicated app, citizens are kept up to date with the latest activity of the local administration & informed about events, emergencies etc. They are also consulted through surveys about the administration projects & are asked to submit their own proposals for community projects to be analyzed, voted & approved. The app has helped the administration solve over 20,000 problems reported by citizens & has been implemented in over 25 Romanian cities & is being extended in Brasil and South Africa.



PinkCab is a unique ride sharing platform that caters to women and children and aims to provide safe transportation and job opportunities for women all over the world. 64 percent of women drivers cite security concerns as a reason more women do not sign up to become drivers, and 26 percent cite security concerns as a reason they do not drive more. We are providing the most secure and reliable ride sharing platform for both drivers and passengers. PinkCab drivers and passengers submit a valid form of ID that is automatically validated and approved. Service is provided exclusively by and to pre signed up & verified female passengers only.

Transfer Pharma Solutions SRL

Digitalization of Drug Circulation in Healthcare Facilities

The project is the development of a TTT (Total Track and Trace) system for antineoplastic treatments meant to increase the efficiency of the patient treatments costs within the medical facilities. The technical solution is based on RFID technology and it is estimated to decrease costs by around 25 % of the actual expenses per patient treatment. The project arises within a partnership between the company Transfer Pharma Solutions SRL and Politehnica University that aims at creating a complete range of Smart Hardware & Software solution to monitoring the storage, compounding, distribution and administration of antineoblastic drugs in Oncology Pharmacy and hospital wards.

SC Lisscom SRL

EMS for Public Buildings in Cluj

The specialists from LISSCOM have implemented in the city of Cluj an energy management system for the efficiency and optimization of 73 public buildings, which performs monitoring-control & centralized energy management from a data center. Taking into account that the services & maintenance are mainly provided by monitoring & control online from a dispatcher by a single operator & on the ground for interventions by a team of technicians for all the 73 public buildings, it’s possible to calculate the reduction of the general administrative expenses by 1.2-1,3 million EUR/year. The project is finalized & expected to extend to all public buildings in Cluj.


Record Park

Record Park project integrates a big green area up to 40% of its surface. All functions are combined into a mixed-use development with A-class offices, apartments, a historical building turned innovation hub, leisure areas, kindergarten and sport facilities. Cluj-Napoca became a crowded city, meaning automatically more cars, that’s why all the cars go to the basement, encouraging outdoor activities. In collaboration with a software company, we intend to maximize the usage of the parking places by using the residents parking during day for offices, and during night the office parking for residents.




A smart parking system solves problems and offers facilities such as decongesting traffic, financial benefits & increasing the quality of citizens’ lives. TPARK supports parking managers & drivers, providing them the most innovative parking management platform. Our solution is cloud-based & records real-time field data, generating reports & statistics. Therefore, TPARK application is used by over 300k users for parking in Romania, Hungary and Serbia, but also for other services (parking fines in RO, HU-vignette and RO-vignette). Over the last 14 years, TPARK has improved the parking payment experience for more than 1.3 million drivers in over 50 Romanian cities

Urban Scope

Sibiu Operational Center for Urban Mobility

Operational Center for Urban Mobility is an innovative solution to solve mobility issues using artificial intelligence and support decision making in an integrated approach: Intelligent Traffic Management, Parking Systems, Fleet Management, E-Ticketing for public transport, Car Sharing & Alternative Mobility Solutions, Intelligent Public Lighting & Urban Video Surveillance.
The project interface is based on “Mobility as a Service” in order to offer the best “friendly” experience and uses the latest technology for encrypting communication to maximize users’ security. Sibiu Municipality is the study case for implementation in Romania. The feasibility study is ready for submission for funding in the programming period 2021 – 2027 of the EU Commission.

Transmixt SA

Smart Ticketing System

The public transportation operator in Bistrita is developing a Smart Ticketing System better serving passengers and the City Hall in terms of usability and amount of statistical data handled. The objective is to optimize service, controlling, improve cost efficiency and attract more passengers. Using AVL components (Automated Vehicle Location based on GPS position of the vehicle’s on-board computer) will increase accessibility for the citizens and the number of annual trips and eases controlling activity. The system provides a lot of new features for passengers, such as tax free application, web portal with account-based access, online purchase of tickets, paperless ticketing, live monitoring of the fleet in lines, marking the delays and the ahead times (using Google public maps). It also enables lots of real time reports on passengers, equipment, rates etc.

Triptic Studio

Green Spots Technology

Green Spots is a Made in Romania smart city solution that charges mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops or using solar energy founded by 2 architects, 1 business developer and a World Bank consultant on urban regeneration who manages the full process from design to manufacture.
As electric mobile devices need permanent charging for a proper mobility, Green Spots enables the use of solar charging options tackling the pollution problem (low environmental impact). Green Spots has implemented 5 chargers in Romanian major cities and in Bucharest and is currently negotiating entrance on new international markets.

Urban Ascension

Co-urban Development Project

The architecture and design bureau `Urban Ascension` created in 2017 designed a general concept for a specific urban area that requires regeneration and then organized participative design workshops within the surrounding local community. For the workshops, the founder of the company created a scaled architectural model plus various renderings showcasing different functional variants for the redevelopment of the area. Thus, the participants had the chance to see variants& changes in real time, to choose the ones they consider the most beneficial and to voice possible complaints. In 2018, municipality of Oradea contracted 2 pilot co-urban development projects on 2 derelict sites in the neighborhoods of Velenta and Rogerius.


Cartier Hub – Creativity through Community

After the success of the first Cartier Hub in Drumul Taberelor Shopping Center, Ceetrus opened the second location in Cartier Coresi, Brasov in October 2019 with a 60K EUR investment. Dedicated to residents of Cartier Coresi & people in Brasov, it is managed by a local educational partner. The space is created for all ages & different programmes enable the development of the local community in the neighborhood: creative afterschool, robotics workshops, 3D printing classes, Science Club, personal development sessions, interactive English, entrepreneurship academy for children & more. So far the space hosted more than 100 community events.



The SaaS solution Regista has digitalized internal processes within over 400 communes, towns and other small& medium public institutions in 40 Romanian counties. After initially handling only document management workflows, it released in September 2019 the “e-Government Portal” with features such as “Monitorul Oficial Local” and “Complaints”, enabling online communication between citizens and institutions for consulting public documents, filling complaints, sending applications, submitting notices. The SaaS will soon provide a Smart City module allowing IoT devices such as pollution detectors, smart sensors, parking or lighting systems to be deployed locally, at a very low cost.

Western Outdoor & IHS Romania

“G. Enescu” Bacau Intl. Airport

This project sets an ambitious vision for the “George Enescu” Bacău International Airport and defines strategic guidelines of development in a regional and international hub of air transport, providing new economic and business activities achieving the region’s development potential. The key proposals are aimed at (1) improving road connectivity between the Airport, the city and the Moldovan Region, (2) planning an intermodal transportation hub on of 8ha with attractive services for the city, (3) a new Technological and Logistics Park to expand Airport’s capacity for new logistical activities (4) an area of over 40ha for a new passenger terminal on the west side of the Airport (5) developing the land adjacent to the Airport on 300ha.

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