Cities of Tomorrow #10

From to do list to check list | April 5-12

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Business Environment Projects


Cruze is a corporate carpool app with the focus on human interaction and improving the climate change. This application allows the employer to offer its employees the possibility to interact with each other, sharing the same means of transport on their way to the office and back.

Using this app, will reduce CO2 emissions in the cities, reduce the number of cars on the streets as well as congestion and support social interactions. In this moment, the project is in the beta version of the app and in discussion with the first companies.

Maiere Estate SRL

This project involves the construction of a small complex of 24 apartments, a certified green building.

This means that the building will be provided with heat pumps for heat and cooling, a photovoltaic solar system. All parking spaces will be equipped for future charging stations and each apartment will have a smart home technology which will control the electrical window shades in correlation with the heating and cooling system. Recycled materials will be used as of concrete and rebars, and will make use of new technologies for interrupting the thermal bridges in balconies.

Bright Spaces

Bright Spaces is a leasing management solution that helps landlords to lease more and faster by using ultra-productive bundle of automation, optimization and digitalization features.

The solution enables landlords to lease their spaces (delivered or off-plan) faster, by having a full 3D digital twin of the building and spaces available for virtual tours, as well as all the tech specs accessible through a web-based platform; showcase future vacant spaces with virtual tours long before the current tenant leaves, generating constant cash-flow; ave real-time, 24/7 access to data related to tenants’ contracts, spaces, parking. storage through an easy-to-use management dashboard and to go for a more ESG-oriented solution for their marketing and leasing processes. They are currently working with clients from 3 European countries (Romania, UK, Hungary) and have raised 2 investment rounds – 1,7 million euros in total.


One of their core values is their ability to build long-lasting projects so that people can enjoy them for a long time from now on. Their sustainability strategy is reflected in how they create all the projects – 100% designed based on the community’s needs, aligned to green real estate standards and market demands. They align to the highest international standards regarding green certifications, BREEAM, one of the world’s leading sustainability assessment methods for buildings. Projects which will be certified are: RECORD PARK in Cluj-Napoca, THE IVY, and MIRO in Bucharest, PALTIM in Timișoara.

Besides implementing sustainability-oriented solutions, another concept at the core of the Speedwell developments is TOD which stands for transit-oriented development, fast-growing trend in creating livable, sustainable communities. This makes it possible to live a lower-stress life without complete dependence on a car for mobility and survival.

Sixense Group

The Geoscope is a digital solution implemented within the structural monitoring project of the Triumphal Arch stadium. It is a software tool that allows real-time management of data from our client’s project and its environment.

It is a decision-making aid that enables to anticipate and manage geotechnical, environmental and structural risks, allowing the client to integrate data of all types derived from various sources and in several formats, notably provided by third-party services.

Geoscope is an open data-to-information system for technical risk management in civil engineering for all projects and assets concerned with geotechnical, structural or environmental risk management.

Advanced Robotics

Mercurio Hospitality – Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics, an IT company from Brasov, developed Mercurio Hospitality, the customer-friendly virtual employee empowered with conversational AI. It is a one-stop shop that combines automated customer interaction with additional digital tools – hardware & software and can be customized for a wide range of industries and applications.

Mercurio has passed its testing stage and is fully functional, operating alongside and for humans

Design and execution of photovoltaic farms in the operating area of Apa Canal S.A. Galati

To reduce pollution worldwide and contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions at the national level, in accordance with the Decarbonize Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan undertaken by Romania and at the European level – Green Deal, Apa Canal S.A. Galati Company wants to set up photovoltaic power plants with different installed powers, depending on the specific conditions of each location, in order to produce green energy (from renewable sources) for its own consumption.

The main purpose of the investment is to produce electricity on its own, in an ecological way in 8 proposed locations from Galati County.

Education Hub, health center, sports infrastructure and forest – park in Borhanci neighborhood – Deadalus Projects in association with Universitatea de Arhitectura Ion Mincu si Patrulius si Asociatii

The projects were developed at the request of Cluj-Napoca City Hall. It is a complex urban planning and architecture project. It was proposed to organize an educational HUB which will include a nursery for 110 children, a kindergarten with 8 groups, a school with 27 classes and a high school with 12 classes. Beside this, an Olympic pool, a sport base and also several leisure spaces including an outdoor amphitheater will be built. Alternative mobility will be encouraged in this neighborhood.

At the moment the project is getting through the approval process by the local authorities

Genesis Biopartner

This is one of the market leaders in the development and operation of organic waste treatment and recovery facilities.

The biogas plant built in Filipeștii de Pădure, Prahova county, is a project initiated, developed and fully financed by Genesis Biopartner, with a cogeneration capacity of 2.1MW electric energy and 2MW thermal energy. The implementation of the project, unique in Romania so far, started in June 2012 with the aim to produce renewable electric and thermal energy, by using organic substrate (biodegradable organic waste and, to a lesser extent, green mass). This project supports the development of three priority areas in Romania: energy, agriculture and environmental protection. Through processing, they produce electricity, green energy that we feed into the national network (over 80,000 MWh in the last 9 years), as well as thermal energy that they deliver to consumers (over 60,000 MWh in the same period of time).

IKEA Pallady – sustainable store

The IKEA Pallady store, in Bucharest is the most sustainable IKEA store from South-Eastern Europe. It is included in the excellent category of the international BREEAM green building certification system. Besides high energy efficiency, geothermal heating, cooling pump system, 1752 photovoltaic panels for in-situ electricity generation, 100% renewable electricity supply, rainwater collection system and use for irrigation and toilets, circular economy, electric car charging stations, 48 bicycle parking spaces, bicycle repair station, 100% wheelchair access, they also have Bio Pallady Garden from 2021with herbaceous and flowering plants, trees and shrubs, insects (especially pollinators), birds.

The store provides presentation to customers of the benefits of using sustainable products with an impact on People and Planet, offers workshops for IKEA Family members on circular economy, reuse, recycling.

The Smart City platform CityHealth – Life is Hard SA

Nowadays everyone is using their mobile phones for everything they do. The Smart City platform CityHealth is a Cloud Solution aiming at improving the life of citizens by using the latest technology. Using this app, the customers will be kept in real time about different emergencies, events. The platform enabled a COVID-19 module last year to help communities during the pandemic by allowing citizens to get help and report any incident related with the limitations imposed during the State of Emergency and later during the State of Alert, while the CityHalls informed citizens about the latest measures adopted  and also offering preventive measures directly through push notifications. Another direction of their solution is oriented towards ensuring the sustainability of communities, by enabling them to easily promote local businesses and tourism attractions directly in the app. The solution is implemented in over 50 communities around Romania and beyond.

ISHO – Mulberry Development & Andreescu & Gaivoronschi Associated Architects

It is a brand new neighborhood in its own right, with great visibility and a modern lifestyle. It is a new residential area boasting 1,200 highly desirable apartments, smart offices, a world-class hotel, top class services, and also a wide range of cultural and sports amenities within walking distance of downtown Timisoara.

The whole concept is based on the multifunctional project ISHO situated in the central area of Timisoara with great connections from all the city neighborhoods. It has a BREEAM Excellent rating and is the Greenest office building in Western Romania.

Arad fortress – Andreescu & Gaivoronschi Associated Architects- Timisoara

The very core of the city is occupied by a major Vauban style fortress, built in the XVIIIth century (1763) on a peninsula surrounded by the river’s anse. The grand and complex structure occupies 87 ha, almost the size of the historic Center of the city. Being occupied by the army from the beginning until the present day, it was out of reach for the ordinary citizens.

The aim of the project is to introduce the fortress to the city life which will reshape Arad`s role and identity, inaugurating a new stage in its long history. The entire project will be developed in successive concentric steps: The “Theatrum Urbanum”, the inner circle of museums, conventions, fairs and historical reenactment spaces together with the theme gardens, the inner fortress as a circular promenade, the external defenses converted into landscaped green areas.

Floating public spaces (gardens) – Noctura Gemora

The floating public spaces (gardens) are an eco-friendly approach on refreshing the natural beauty of rivers, lakes, and water streams. Floating ecosystems offer a unique technical solution to the degradation of urban watercourses, allowing the establishment of vibrant and biodiverse wetland ecosystems on urban rivers and lakes.

The project’s key activity, the NUF concept (playing with the Romanian word for waterlilies – nuferi) is the manufacturing and deployment of floating gardens made of 99% biodegradable materials. There is already a functional prototype and they are researching for particular perennial plants suitable in their respective climate and geography as the environment impact is symbiotic, the floating gardens are distinctively ecological mirroring nature  and they’re designed to blend in the surroundings and the various flora arrangement is carefully chosen based on pre-analysis and research of the area.

County of Gighera, Dolj

Solar energy valorisation project in Gighera, county of Gighera. Dolj, by SC. Nova Consult SRL

The aim of this project is to install more than 200 polycrystalline silicon panels for Harnessing solar energy in photovoltaic park on an area of 40 acres. Electricity will be supplied in SEN at minimum prices.

Iasi Municipality

Modernization of waste management services in Iasi – Salubris SA

The implementation of the project has developed intelligent solutions and innovative tools for organizing, monitoring and optimizing the sanitation activity in Iasi so that the municipality is included in the Smart City network. Separate municipal waste collection will be implemented, also there will be trainings and awareness of the local community on waste management, digitization of the operational components of the organization.

Resita Municipality

Tram Trains Resita – UNITH2B SRL

The project aims to create in Resita city a multimodal infrastructure with 2 intermodal terminals, one for Trams and one for Buses as well a Garage Building for 10 electric buses, develop facilities for public transport, create an attractive and efficient public passenger transport with traffic management, including video monitoring systems and intelligent transport systems, digitization.

Beclean City, Bistrița-Năsăud

Transylvania Urban Garden – UNITH2B SRL

The project is designed to be built on an area of 494,034 sqm located in Beclean city, in Bistrița-Năsăud, Transylvania, Romania. It is sustainable urban development and improving the quality of life.

The urban garden is designed to contain the following: A Botanical Garden and the parks with the subzones of the Botanical Garden, the Botanical Park and the Natural Park, commercial areas of various types, Robotics Center Educational Area, Educational Area and Agricultural Institute.

Video: Grădina Botanică Beclean

iNergy Agtech

iNergy Agtech design and implement innovative solutions based on hybrid hydroponics and Controlled Environment Agriculture, facilitated by automation, Internet of Things and AI technologies that enhance the economical, ecological and multiple other benefits of sustainable solutions. The enabled solutions can be implemented in a wide range of applications, from traditional or novel food producers, to green buildings (roofs, facades, interiors), to green & smart cities and urban infrastructure, even down to the end-users and consumers, enabling food and nutrient safety and availability, nature-based ecosystems, quality of life, as well as positive climate and CO2 impacts.

AHK Romania | German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry | Calea Grivitei 82-98 et. 1, Building The Mark, Corp The Podium, 010736 Bucuresti