Cities of Tomorrow #8


Healthcare/Citizen Safety Projects

Smart EpiGenetX


NutriCare.Life is a nutrition consultancy service and personalized nutritional supplements provider. Globally 1 in 5 deaths are associated with poor nutrition (Lancet 2019). The aim is to cover nutrients deficiencies to optimize health, mainly with food and only if it is necessary with one single pack/day containing all needed nutrients. We provide customized nutritional recommendation scientifically validated based on digital and biological markers using a digital platform and a patent-pending algorithm. The team is formed by medical doctors with 20 years’ experience in nutrition, one of them worked at Abbott Nutrition, software engineers who previously developed web & mobile digital platforms, one of them coordinate the development of ERP system for Ipsos Interactive Services and internationally recognized professors from prestigious USA universities, specialized in nutrigenetics and lab analysis. 

Agora Mediu

Agora Mediu 

The issue tackled by the platform is the inadequate transparency of plans and programs from various areas with environmental impact and non-involvement of different actors in the process of strategic environmental assessment. The objective is to work as a bridge between the authorities involved in strategic environmental decision-making and the citizens. The platform brings at hand, in one place, plans and programs from various areas with environmental impact and raises awareness regarding their impact and applicability. After 6 months of incubation process under the guidance of Impact Hub Bucharest and WWF Romania, on 13th of May, the platform has been launched.

Continental Automotive Romania


The project “Connected road users for increased safety and optimized traffic flow” tackles the problem of maintaining the safety for all traffic participants and especially for the vulnerable road users (VRUs) in the context of the city’s mobility. The project is centered around an interactive application designed to facilitate communication between traffic users by providing customized warnings, suggestions, and required contextual information. The project is at the stage of the proposal, as it addresses the current mobility context from Iasi, negative externalities, and proposes improvements to develop the application based on smart infrastructure (with AI video cameras and sensors needed to sustain the application).

Easy Inclusion


When accessibility was first mentioned, it was allocated only to the target group of people with disabilities and as “access for people with disabilities” and “access for wheelchair users”. In ZERO + we test and prepare a certification for everyone. Self-awareness: business owners, community workers and passengers will sit in a wheelchair AND get to experience the streets, the shops and the entire infrastructure. Through self-experience we want to reduce inhibitions and accept deficiency as something NORMAL. In the ZERO + project, various everyday tasks have to be done. Something normal, but a challenge for wheelchair users/older people/prams. shopping different things, getting money from the bank, driving along the beach, visiting the office and checking different circumstances.

Eco Tree Group


Ecotree is a tech and innovation company that integrates modern technology features, binds them together and creates a new software that allows users of all categories to help the recycling industry. Our core belief is that the problem of climate change has a solution that has been figured out, all we need to do right now is to implement it, to collect the relevant data from the market, from the scientific communities, to gather them in one place and to act upon it. We are working on the project since 2017, we’ve won ReuseHub, Futuremakers, and have been finalists in the Startarium competition. We managed to receive a 215.000 EUR funding from a group of investors, in the present, we are implementing pilot projects with 10+ clients to have a final validation.

Intensiva United


Metrici Thermal Analyzer is a software solution, based on deep neural networks (AI) which not only detects and measures the temperatures of an unlimited number of simultaneous faces of the passing people, on thermal images provided by the Mobotix cameras, but also has some advanced features embedded, like: four thermal algorithms, bounding box reduction, realtime calibration with black body or by using a static deviation, web UI with logs, reports and alarms. By using our solution, the companies and public authorities can use their existing thermal cameras for pandemic prevention. Metrici Thermal Analyzer solution was developed in about a month and a half and now (7th of July) is ready to market and the first licenses were already sold to customers.

Life is Hard SA

City Health Plaform

The Smart City platform CityHealth enables a direct and transparent interaction between local governments & citizens. Through a dedicated app, citizens are kept up to date with the latest activity of the local administration & informed about events, emergencies etc. They are also consulted through surveys about the administration projects & are asked to submit their own proposals for community projects to be analyzed, voted & approved. The app has helped the administration solve over 20,000 problems reported by citizens & has been implemented in over 25 Romanian cities & is being extended in Brasil and South Africa.

Online Venues & Events SRL


Our solution focuses on allowing local communities to set-up their own local economy, allowing them to keep the added value within the community. It’s a tech solution that allows the stakeholders (local authorities, local businesses, decision-makers from the Hospitality sector) to set up a closed-loop payments ecosystem in order to create an unfragmented experience for the users (locals and visitors/tourists). The solution allows its stakeholders to easily onboard the local vendors onto this local economy while allowing the end-users to use one single electronic token for payments, access to different experiences, and interactions. The system works as an online/offline hybrid, allowing payments to be processed locally. Using our app, any NFC-enabled Android Smartphone can be used as a Point of Sale.

Open Knowledge Association


9sos is an integrated Covid-19 management system used by the Brasov County Public Health Service. Practically it’s a distributed call center, medical CRM and mobile application (android and iOS). Brasov County PHS being the only digitized PHS in the country – integrating the General Practitioners, test laboratories and hospitals in the fight against Covid-19 The system is online since April 15th, 2020 and provides support for the entire county.

Vâlcea County Council

Covid Response

Vâlcea County Council reacted immediately after the increase no. of people infected with COVID-19, allocating funds for the purchase of equipment. Thus, just before the governmental reaction, on March 25th 2020, the Vâlcea County Council allocated funds for the acquisition of a test device (180 tests/ day) – later the government allocated funds for co-financing this procurement. In total, the Council allocated 1,348,000 lei, the following being purchased: – 1 Real Time PCR tester; – 17 modular containers; – 2 mechanical ventilation devices; – hotel services for the medical staff; – 2 UV sterilization cabinets etc. The acquisitions of equipment for hospitals were accompanied by other measures (eg the procurement and installation of epidemiological triage tents) in order to increase the capacity of the medical system in Vâlcea county to manage patients infected with COVID-19.

ZenParking Smart Parking

ZenParking Smart Parking

We believe parking in very crowded areas based on luck is not smart at all. We believe the civilised way is to use a reservation system, just like we use in medical sector private clinics and other services. Our device ensures reservation is kept. With a reservation system citizens gain time when they find a spot to reserve, and when they don’t they know enough in advance to use other means of transportation (ex: subway, bike, taxi). This reduces traffic and polution as well. With a smart system the pricing can vary easily. Fast parking areas with first 30 minutes put at a decent price and the rest made very expensive would encourage more citizens to use the same number of spots in crowded areas. Also, parking spots pricing can be used as a bonus to encourage other smart city directions – reduction of costs for people who recycle, or family with kids. We believe reservation is the civilized way of parking in very crowded areas! 

Sibiu County Council

New County Hospital

The project of building a new county hospital for adults and children in Sibiu responds to the need for modern, holistic and high quality health services, with a design that ensures an adequate response to epidemics and other emergencies while integrating respect for the environment and the opportunities of digitalization. The current county hospital is hosted in 27 different buildings, the oldest ones dating back to 1857. In the absence of a Municipal Hospital, Sibiu County Hospital serves the 460.000 inhabitants of Sibiu county, as well as patients from neighbouring counties. The project is in an advanced stage. Sibiu County Council owns the plot of land for the construction and an environmental assessment confirmed the location is adequate for a public hospital. Initial urban planning permits have been obtained and the technical and economic documentation related to the feasibility study has been completed. The process of accessing European funding has been initiated. 

Innovator Artificial Tech


Medicai is an online AI powered medical imaging platform designed to integrate easily in existing systems to improve the flow of data and enhance collaboration between patients, doctors and multidisciplinary teams.

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