Cities of Tomorrow #8



Congratulations to the nine finalist projects and looking forward to seeing them at Cities of Tomorrow on the 1st of September!

Somes Water Company

Satellite Assisted Water Network Leak Detection Programme

Somes Water Company aims to offer a long term solution to reduce water loss & to prevent further works with impact on the City’s everyday life. They have a complex program and in 2019 was decided to implement a pilot high-tech satellite assisted water network leak detection program by employing radar and GIS mapping assistance. The pilot project unfolded in Cluj-Napoca Municipality and resulted in 182 maps indicating possible hidden underground public water network leaks.

Vaslui Municipality

Rehabilitation & Destination Change of Former Power Plant Buildings

Former neighbourhood power plants that were heating communist flats remained without their main utility, since the centralized heating system has become technically outdated. Most users gave up on this service & chose individual heating systems. From 27 heating power plants, only 2 are still working. The other non-functional buildings were presenting a high risk for the health and safety of citizens. Vaslui Municipality started a complex process of rehabilitation and destination change in collaboration with Vaslui Local Council. The following objectives were realised: two day care centres for elderly, a day care centre for schoolchildren, a cultural centre, a club for retired persons & a „Friendship” club.

Alba Iulia Municipality

Find Your Greatness

Find your Greatness is a project funded by the European Union under the European Interregional Cooperation Program in which the City Hall of Alba Iulia is, during the first phase of the project, the Leading Partner of the transnational consortium consisting of Braganca (Portugal), Perugia (Italy), Voru (Estonia), Wroclaw (Poland), Teguise (Spain), Limerick (Ireland) and Budafok (Hungary). Alba Iulia will share its experience with partner cities in the consortium and will look for ways to adapt the model of the city branding to other cities according to their profile and needs.

Aria Concept Architecture

Urban Regeneration Kit

A first-aid KIT for the public space is necessary, and we tried to develop the base that encompasses the minimum required tools and vision to create a better future for our city. As citizens of Constanta, seeing these urban spaces from a planning professional’s viewpoint, we found a series of deconstructed pieces that are in dire need of a singular & cohesive direction towards unity & clarity. Laying the ground rules for future urban interventions, by considering the built environment, making use of reusable resources and preparing the space for new interventions are a few of the main scopes of our work. 



There is always something in the house that needs to be fixed. So we developed Feexers, the Uber for home services, an app that connects homeowners with home-service pros. It allows people with a smartphone to post a job request, the app then sends job request notifications to registered pros, who have the option to bid for that job. The user can choose a pro based on price, rating, experience and reviews. All payments are securely managed by Feexers through the app. We tackle a’black market’ and we want to whiten it. We already had first round of half million EUR and we launched the app in Bucharest in October last year.

Triptic Studio

Green Spots Technology

Green Spots is a Made in Romania smart city solution that charges mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops or using solar energy founded by 2 architects, 1 business developer and a World Bank consultant on urban regeneration who manages the full process from design to manufacture.
As electric mobile devices need permanent charging for a proper mobility, Green Spots enables the use of solar charging options tackling the pollution problem (low environmental impact). Green Spots has implemented 5 chargers in Romanian major cities and in Bucharest and is currently negotiating entrance on new international markets. 

Asociatia Planeta Petrila

Post-industrial Regeneration

Planeta Petrila represents a bottom-up post-mining regeneration project that changes the attitude towards the modern industrial heritage as an essential resource for the regeneration of monoindustrial areas. Petrila project is nowadays in its 8th year, with significant results: keeping the Petrila Mine buildings in place, listing them as National Heritage Cathegory A and transforming the industrial site in the most important contemporary artistic setting and the most visited place in town. Next steps include the establishment of an IT/ robotics hub in Petrila, followed by the recognition of representative characteristics of the industrial heritage in entire Jiu Valley, transforming the former mines sites into mixed use (history + culture + technology + bussines) regenerated centers.

ARCEN Association

Catalog Bucuresti (Bucharest Catalogue)

Catalog Bucuresti’s focus is to collect&digitize data for all buildings found in Bucharest’s 98 protected built areas and find tailored solutions. From publishing complex data for each building&statistical information online (free use of stakeholders) to the education of the communities by distributing booklets about good maintenance practices for protected areas & access to an online guide regarding the legislation of maintaining built areas and historical monuments. Since 2017 over 7000 buildings have been published in an online map.

Laboratorul Verde Association

C&D Waste Management Platform

The main idea of this project is to develop an online inventory and traceability system of materials derived from Construction and Demolition (C&D) projects. The advantage of this platform is the inventory of the substances used during the construction projects and that it addresses not only to big construction companies, but also to natural persons, who mostly, take the illegal way of dumping the building materials in public areas. This C&D platform is part of the solution to the big issue of the Romanian C&D waste management.

 AHK Romania | German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry | Calea Grivitei 82-98 et. 1, Building The Mark, Corp The Podium, 010736 Bucuresti