Sebastian Metz

General Manager AHK Romania, Bucharest

Sebastian Metz studied economics and business administration in Germany and France, focusing on international economic relations. He has a vast experience in working for German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, in Algeria, Nepal and since 2012 in Romania. His responsibilities included mainly working with and for SME, export & investment promotion, organizational development and trade fairs departments etc. He fluently speaks German, English and French.

Anamaria Vrabie

Urban economist, Director Urban Innovation Unit Cluj-Napoca



Anamaria Vrabie is an urban economist and local development professional. In the past 10 years Anamaria consolidated organizations and new modes of action for urban and regional development practice in Central and Eastern Europe, acting as co-founder of Urban INC and Director of the Urban Innovation Unit Cluj-Napoca. Her work has led to urban development plans, concepts and frameworks for urban regeneration, educational programmes and new funding mechanisms for urban innovation. She holds a BA from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and an MA in International Affairs as a Fulbright Scholar at The New School New York.

Marius Sorin Hanja

 Energy Efficiency Sales Manager,
E. ON Energy Romania


Proven experience in energy efficiency evaluation and solutions implementation, energy monitoring, lighting retrofit, heat recovery, local energy generation with cogeneration units - Project manager for complex cogeneration installations in residential and industrial sector - Held conferences on Energy efficiency on industrial sector. - Intensive developer of ESCO market in Romania. Co-Founder: CREESC (The Centre for Resources in Energy Efficiency and Climate Change)

Marianne Schulze

 Freelance journalist, Germany

Marianne Schulze has been a freelance journalist in the field of real estate and urban development for over 20 years, focusing on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. She is a graduate of German studies and history.

Eugen Panescu

Architect, Co-founder planwerk, Cluj-Napoca

Eugen Panescu guided the Urban Design Studio at the Cluj Architecture Faculty on brownfields transformation for 13 years and is Executive Board member of the Architects’ Council of Europe. He promotes the holistic approach of heritage through social and economic equity, linking innovative public governance in planning with civic action. His ideas concern finding responsible positive answers to urban issues in cross-cultural cooperation and social awareness.

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