New dimension to our event

This year, we want to add a new layer to the event concept: the civil society. A dialogue between public authorities and the business environment is important, but the involvement of the civil society is as necessary. Therefore, we believe that the key element in shaping sustainable development is the TRIALOGUE.

Moreover, we will focus on the role of communities in developing a city, a region – a country. The functionality of a community is not only determined by its inside, but more by how it collaborates with other communities. The way we understand to engage as a community, to have a unitary voice and to constantly get involved, defines our future.

Cities of Tomorrow #7 will also host a pitching event! 9 participants, 3 categories: public administration, civil society and business environment. 1 jury: representatives of central & local authority, architect/planner, NGO, journalist, international expert.

We are looking for urban development projects, best-practice examples and solutions for smart cities in Romania, to be presented as convincingly as possible during a 5-minute-pitch, which will be evaluated by a jury, and the winners of each category will receive prizes that will encourage the further development of their projects.

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