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Cities of Tomorrow #6 - Press Release

Discover the conference’s keynote speakers and panelists – “Urban regeneration by means of industry and tourism

What does the revitalisation of a city mean? Together with Georg Pammer, General Manager Aspern Smart City Research, we will discover how an old abandoned airport was converted into the greenest and smartest district of Vienna.


Like Vienna and other European cities, cities of Romania are faced with the challenges of urban revitalisation. This is a continuous, difficult and long process, and the trends and chances of a city to become a „magnet” will be presented by Marcel Heroiu, Senior Urban Development Specialist World Bank, starting from the study „Magnet Cities”.


The two presentations will be the backbone of the panel moderated by Arch. Hildegard Brandl – a discussion on the current situation of Romania’s cities, what makes them attractive to important investors, how they can attract workforce and the importance of life quality for inhabitants of Romanian cities in 2018, together with mayor Ioan PopaTatian DiaconuChristian von Albrichsfeld and Arch. Eugen Panescu.

New speaker confirmed – Tilman Buchholz, Urban Development Division of the German Federal Ministry for Environment

Tilman Buchholz is the Deputy Head of the Urban Development Division of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. He has a vast experience in partnerships on urban development between the public and private sectors in Germany and dedicates a significant part of his activity to the European collaboration for the development of cities.


The vision he promotes is an integrated one and relies on the premise that a European city is compact, mixed and diverse. Moreover, the actors involved in the sustainable development of a region are not only the state, the counties or communes, but also the civil society, the economy and the academic environment. Therefore, Mr. Buchholz will talk about enhancing and developing cities to become engines of economic activity and investment magnets, about the concept of innovative cities and the criteria for an urban development policy of the future.

Key speaker Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Best confirmed his attendance at the conference. Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Best, currently City Manager of the city of Essen and Member of the Divisional Management Board Planning, has a vast experience in urban and spatial planning, starting with his studies in Dortmund in 1975. Afterwards, he occupied leading positions in departments for spatial planning or building and urban planning in Oberhausen and Essen.


Mr. Best will share with the audience his experience in urban and spatial planning, by means of the best-practice example of Essen. Located in the heart of the Ruhr Metropolis, the city of Essen offers  numerous cultural, scientific and economic highlights. World Heritage Zollverein, University of Duisburg-Essen, headquarters of leading German companies or Messe Essen shape the face of the city. And Essen continues to evolve: with the university quartier/ Green Center Essen, attractive housing projects  on the Sea of Baldeney and the Ruhr, with the waterside district in Essen-Altendorf or the development of the Kreuzeskirch quarter in the city center, the city established itself as a national trendsetter.

Key speaker Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Best confirmed his attendance at the conference.






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